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Compatible with Oculus Quest 2: This is a special design and development for Oculus Quest 2 for people with nearsightedness, you can choose the right lens according to your nearsightedness, so you can see the virtual world without blurring.

High-quality lens: This lens is made of high-toughness material thin and translucent easy to clean, stain-resistant and wear-resistant, and surprisingly clear so you can see every detail in the virtual world.

Block blue light: VR Headset near vision lenses can filter blue light to prevent blue light eye irritation and protect your eyes so you can immerse yourself in the VR world without feeling fatigued.

Magnetic Frame: Use small powerful magnets to adsorb say goodbye to frame drops, identify L & R marks, and push custom glasses onto the lenses until they close. Easy to install, sturdy, and fast.


  • Type: Cases
  • Features1: Oculus Quest 2 Myopia Lens
  • Features 8: Oculus Quest 2 VR Magnetic Eyeglass
  • Compatibility: Oculus Quest 2

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