USB Portable Washing Machine

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Portable Washing Machine: This is a mini portable washing machine. It has many advantages because it is not only portable and lightweight, but also saves space. This makes it ideal for homes with tight spaces, dorms, RVs, and travel or mobile homes.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic turbo washing machine is ultrasonic cleaning and turbo cleaning, the water turbine works for 5 minutes, and the automatic ultrasonic vibration cleaning is 1 minute, with intelligent interaction.

Automatic Cleaning: The mini washing machine is automatic forward and reverse. The turbine rotates for 30 seconds and automatically reverses for 30 seconds. On-time shutdown protection for 30 minutes. (Rebooting requires reconnecting the USB plug).

Easy operation: Just prepare a small bucket, put the clothes to be washed into the bucket, fix the washing machine on the side wall of the bucket, pour in the right amount of water and washing powder, and connect the power to start the work supply. Please unplug after cleaning.

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