Electronic Timer Smart Plug

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Multifunctional: Daily Timing to set different time groups per day. Countdown and Turn ON/OFF to start/end an event after a period of time. Interval Circulation to realize infinite loop and short cycle down to seconds.

Programs: The timer outlet offers up to schedules to turn on/off electronics automatically. The 7-Day programmable timer switch also provides up to 15 choices for week setting.

Easy to Program: This digital light timer allows extremely convenient and flexible time setting for week, hour, minute, and second directly, super easy to understand and apply, and fully meet your needs. And the Min setting time is as precise as 1 second.

Additional Functions: 12/24 Hours System to show AM/PM conveniently. Always ON/OFF to quickly set the appliance to work all the time or let it stop.


  • WIFI: Yes
  • USB Total Power: -
  • Type: Electrical Plug
  • Surge Protector: Yes
  • Functions: 12/24 Hours

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